"My Livingwell Taekwondo career started when the club was created 24 years ago when I was 13 years old. However I had been training under Grand Master Derek Sumner at a previous club from the tender age of 4 years old. My time at Livingwell Taekwondo has been full of hard, intense, exciting and amazing times. Grand Master Derek really supported me the whole way through day to day training, gradings and competitions. He is someone I have looked up to since day one. For the last 4 years my eldest son Lucas has been training at Livingwell Taekwondo and has grown in so many ways and has achieved so many things. As a family we have gone through some hard times, but that has been made so much easier with the help and support of all the livingwell team. Livingwell Taekwondo is and always has been an extension of our family and that is something we are all truly grateful for." Simon R

"Our son Jasper joined Livingwell Taekwondo 9 years ago as a shy little 5 year old boy we thought we was just joining a local club unbeknown to us we was joining a club with one of the most respect and talented instructors in the country. Master Del's passion for this sport and to teach his students to be the very best they can be never stops. Livingwell and all his instructors have been the best thing for my son they have taught him skill inside the club and a skill which he carries everyday of his life outside of club teaching him to respect others and to the world we live in. Our son is now on his way to reaching his 4th dan blackbelt has won many British and National championship events on his own and with his team mates. Livingwell will be a memory for the rest of his life that has just brought happiness to his childhood. Thank you to Master Dell and all his amazing team." Trevor B

"I've been training for 17 years. I started because I wanted to get fit and learn a martial art, and stayed because of the people - who've become like a second family to me. I love that I learn something new every session, and hopefully am now able to pass on some of what I've learnt to others." Simon A

"I have been attending Livingwell Taekwondo classes for over 13 years and have worked through the Junior classes and onto the adult classes. The club has supported me to get my black belts and I enjoy being part of the group." JH

"We are incredibly grateful for the exceptional experience that our children have had at Livingwell club. Our two children have been training there for over 8 years, starting with Sue and continuing with Master Del. The level of teaching and professionalism at the club is truly amazing. Our children have grown not only in their skills and discipline, but also in their confidence and self-esteem. We have watched them develop into strong and capable individuals, and we know that the foundation of their success is thanks to the outstanding instruction and support they have received at Livingwell. We highly recommend this club to anyone looking for a safe and nurturing environment for their children to learn and grow in the martial arts." Mark HB