Livingwell Charity & Community Engagement

Young Sports Person of the Year 2023 - Reigate & Banstead.

Livingwell Taekwondo were well represented at the Reigate and Banstead Young Sports person of the Year 2023 Awards held at the Harelquin in Redhill.

We are very proud to announce that Mark Lines was voted the winner with Lucas Roberts securing the runners up spot. A great result for the club and for Mark and Lucas who have worked incredibly hard on their Taekwondo in challenging circumstances.

Marc Lines Lucas Roberts Master Del, Marc and Lucas

Sri Lanka - To see our latest work in Sri Lanka, please visit our Facebook Page. 

Back in 2002, a student was building a house in Sri Lanka and also provided free Taekwondo classes to the local people who were living in deprived conditions.

On his return to the UK, he asked the club if we could help them, particularly the children. We made an initial visit to better understand local conditions and took with us training equipment and basic essentials (items of clothing, soaps, tools). From this intial fact finding trip, we returned on an annual basis expanding our work to include helping at schools, with the disabled and at the orphanages.

Sri Lanka continues to go through challenging times including the Tsumani in 2004, Civil War and more recently Covid. We will continue to visit regularly and provide support in whatever way we can.

February 2023 Update

We have just returned from our latest trip to Sri Lanka, the videos below show us training in the villages and some of the people we were able to help.

Training in Sri Lanka

Working with local people

If you are able to make a contribution to support our work in Sri Lanka please do so here. 

ESEA Festival - Sept 2023  

Community is key part of our club. For a number of years we have supported the Korean Festival (now renamed as ESEA Fesitval) which takes places around the Kingston Area. It's important to support these events, there is a sizeable Korean Community in that area and it's great to be a part of the festival.

We are honoured to be asked to perform different demonstrations covering Poomsae Patterns, Fighting & Self Defence so that the watching public can see what learning Taekwondo is all about and hopefully encourage them to get involved.